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Baran Restaurant

Baran Restaurant


About Us

Everything about Baran restaurant began in 2012 when the organizer, Navid discovered his passion and talent by working at a Persian/ Mediterranean Restaurant as his first job.

Thereafter, it took him ten years of managing different Mediterranean restaurants and establishments to realize that is his dream job and it is time for him to open his own restaurant, “Baran”.
He was able to make this happen relying on his ten years of valuable experience and the help of his wife Elnaz, an experienced manager and their close friend Kyle.

We chose the name “Baran” because it means rain, a true blessing for all of us, turning the earth green and causing the birds to sing. It’s grace makes life beautiful, pleasant and happy. We were blessed 12 years ago on Valentine’s day with our precious little daughter “Baran“ and her presence has brought nothing but joy and happiness to our world. We choose her name for our restaurant so that it is also blessed with joy and happiness.

We believe Persian / Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best and healthiest food and that Kabob is the jewel of the crown, and Baran Restaurant presents our belief.

At Baran Restaurant we provide the best Mediterranean food for different occasions and gatherings such as private parties, family celebrations and corporate events.

Our mission is to provide a gourmet cuisine in a very warm and hospitable environment and we cannot accomplish it without our community’s support. We are proud to be part of this amazing community and to live the American dream as we start this family business.

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