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Tomii Healing & Wellness

Tomii Healing  & Wellness


About Us

Tomii Healing & Wellness system help client relieve Pain Naturally; Balance Meridian Energy Qi; we provides acupuncture, Acupressure, cupping, hot stone, Walking on Back; Specialize in pain relief , balance blood sugar naturally; Circulation Wellness; Respiration wellness, Immunity Boosting , and more!


five elements & Meridians Qi
24 hours Meridian Qi circles
tomii treatments
relieve pain Naturally
Customers satisfying is No. 1
cupping therapy
Hot Stone help Qi Flow
clinic environment
Meridians Qi Histogram
bladder Meridian
Kidney Meridian
Heart Meridian
Small Intestine Meridian
Large Intestine Merdian
Lung Meridian
Gallery Image pericardium_meridian_poster_FINAL-page-001.jpg
Triple Burner Meridian

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