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Visual Support Inc. DBA Red Gum Creative Campus, Red Gum Studios

Visual Support Inc. DBA Red Gum Creative Campus, Red Gum Studios


About Us

You'll find Red Gum Studios uniqueness and versatility unmatched. Whether your shooting vehicles spinning 360 degrees on our in-floor turntable, Food in our kitchen studio, green screen, products, fashion, or even underwater in our large pool, Red Gum specializes in specialties. We offer individual stages, back-lot rentals, specialty grip and lighting, including pre-lit packages.

Private Campus.

Multiple Stages and Back Lots.

Automotive 360 In-floor Carousel.

Underwater Stage with Porthole.

Grip, Lighting and Specialty Gear.

Pre-lit, Pre-hung, Green Screen, Black-out, White-out Packages.

House with Full Kitchen, Video Feed.

Set Kitchen.

Daylight ''Natural Light '' Stage.

Private Parking.

Our Campus Package and Campus + Gear Packages offer our largest pricing discounts along with control over our entire campus.


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